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Dan Hostetler in Woodshop

Daniel Hostetler has been a passionate worker of wood, in various formats, for over 30 years. As well as designing and building custom furniture in this span, he spent several years in boatbuilding, and many more as a wheelwright and blacksmith, building and restoring horse drawn vehicles. His tenure in this world of ancient arts has afforded him a deep appreciation for old world craftsmanship, whether in period styles of furniture, a classic, gaff-rigged coastal schooner, or a 19th century Wells Fargo stagecoach. Using traditional joinery techniques in native and imported hardwoods, he has done pieces utilizing materials such as copper, steel, and aluminum, as well as found objects. This collective body of experience, combined with unusual resources, provides a unique perspective in the creation of original contemporary works.

In his off hours, he can be found walking his beloved Airedale, Molly, playing original urban hillbilly music in his band, The Determined Luddites or, Telecaster in hand, creating electro surf/twang sonic mayhem with Big Galoot.

Vita brevis, tempus fugit.


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